Specie: Olea europaea spp. guanchica P. Vargas et al.

Acebuche, Olivillo

Common name

Acebuche, Olivillo




Canary Islands

Conservation status

General description

The wild olive or olivillo (Olea europaea ssp. Guanchica) is a Canarian endemic subspecies belonging to the family of Oleaceae, olive wild relative of cultivated for the production of oil and olives.

It is a tree that can reach 5 or 6 feet high, with frequent and bush. The trunk is more or less smooth, much branched from the base, with gray colored bark. The cup is globose, dense, acquiring a pale green. The leaves are opposite, simple, entire margin, linear-lanceolate, bright green beam, flaky-white on the underside, up to 8 cm. long, hard to the touch and with well-marked midrib.

Flowers hermaphrodite, yellowish-white, small, clustered in axillary panicles and very abundant.

Ellipsoid shaped fruit, meaty, like little olives or drupe, containing a seed, blackish at maturity and about 1 cm. in length.


This small tree is part of thermophilous forests of the lowlands, locally abundant on cliffs and ravines with some moisture in the facades facing north, northwest and northeast, being usually between 100 and 600 meters above sea level, from local and restricted distribution in southern slopes of the islands, as with other trees thermophilic environments. Sometimes, as is the case with juniper and palm trees, this tree form monospecific forests where it is the dominant tree species.

Conservation status


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